Fieldwork in Beijing and Zhangjiakou (2021-2022)


From November 2021 to May 2022, Mengke Zhang went to China to conduct fieldwork in Beijing and Zhangjiakou, including one month of strict quarantine in the hotel according to China’s Covid prevention policy at that time. The 2022 Winter Olympic Games were held from February 4th to 20th, and then the Winter Paralympic Games from (…)

Workshop between EPFL and PoliTO


On Sep 13th 2022, associated PhD candidates from EPFL and PoliTO met online and in Lausanne for a half-day workshop as the continuation for the Turin workshop in July, with the participation of professors from China Room research center of PoliTo. After the first round of workshops in person in July in Turin, this second (…)

Webinar workshop, Tsinghua University and Politecnico di Milano


Florence took part of the international webinar workshop Dialogue on Winter Olympic Games: From Beijing to Milan: Design Innovations for Sustainability, organized by Tsinghua University with the collaboration of Politecnico di Milano, in May 12 2022. She presented a contribution with the title “Uses of Cultural Heritage: The iconic case of Shougang”. This contribution was (…)

RC21 Antwerp Conference, “Sensing the City”


Florence and Thierry took part at the RC21 Antwerp Conference “sensing the city”, in July 14-16 2021. They presented the research project with the title “Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022, ecological civilization as a new step for extended urbanization to enhance consumption”. The presentation was part of the special session “Extended urbanisation: from State strategies (…)

Virtual workshop about ongoing projects run by Beijing22


On October 22nd 2021, a workshop was held with our cultural association’s partner Beijing22, led by Ana Eschbach and Antonie Angerer. Due to the difficulty of accessing China since the beginning of the pandemic in early 2020, this workshop took place in a virtual format. Its aim was twofold. First, to share the findings of (…)

One-day workshop with Nicolas Godelet


On November 1st, the EPFL team met Nicolas Godelet in Lausanne for a one-day workshop, with the participation of associated PhD candidates from ETHZ and PoliTO, in person or by zoom. Nicolas Godelet, as an architect and founder of Ng-Lab, has been involved in the renovation project of Shougang since the beginning in 2006. His (…)

Kick-off Meeting


The kick-off meeting for this project was organised on December 9, 2020, with the participation of the EPFL team members, Florence Graezer Bideau, Thierry Theurillat, Helena Roux & Zhang Mengke, as well as all the partners, including Zhang Li (Brian) from Tsinghua University, Michele Bonino from PoliTO, Christian Schmid from ETH Zurich, Wu Fulong from (…)

Sino-swiss workshop


On October 28th, 2019, the research team took part in all-day meeting with different departments related to urban planning and city conservation at the Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning and Design. The purpose of this meeting was to share approaches to urban planning in each context (China and Switzerland), and discuss current related projects. (…)

Collaborative Field Trip (October 2019)


A second field trip was organized by the project partners and Swiss colleagues from ETH Zurich in October, 2019. Over the course of a week, Florence Graezer Bideau and Thierry Theurillat did fieldwork with Christian Schmid, Christian Kerez, and Liu Yiqiu in the capital city. Visits included the Caochang hutong, Xinjian village in the southern (…)

Firsts step on the field (Early 2019)


An exploration field trip was undertaken from January 28th to February 4th, 2019, to investigate the first hypothesis that Florence Graezer Bideau and Thierry Theurillat developed in their draft proposal. During that journey, they explored multiples areas selected according to the three main kinds of cultural heritage they have chosen for building their project’s narrative. (…)